Sydney(Rachael) and Keana(Jenn)
Portrayed by: Kaitlin Howell
Status: Antagonist
First Appearance: Smells Like Trouble
Last Appearance: Smells Like Trouble
Upcoming Appearances Unknown

Rachel is best friends with Jen, a Martial Arts Club Member,and a supposed Dusk fan.


She is friends with Brie and Jen Keana,also members of the Martial Arts Club. She fell in love with Ethan and Benny when Benny dropped the Love Potion. She told Ethan "Text Me Later" which made him pretty happy, later, when Rory was there, she baked Ethan cupcakes and gave it to him, and Rory ate one and liked it. Later in the evening, she and Jen were putting up posters about Benny and they got angry, Ms. Fine gave them bats and hockey sticks, and they went to work. She almost hit Benny in the back with the hockey stick.


"Text Me Later".

"Not You".

"You Don't Reconize us the Martial Arts Club"

"I Hated Him First"