Erica Jones
New Erica

Portrayed by

Kate Todd

First Appearance Lawn Of The Dead

My Babysitter's a Vampire

Last Appearance Alls well that ends well


-Erica Jones in Blue Moon

Erica Jones is the Best Friend to Sarah Fox and one of the main characters on My Babysitter's a Vampire.

TV ShowEdit

Erica Jones is a big fan of Dusk saga, and president of the Dusk Fan Club. She was nerdy and wasn't taken seriously. She is considered a "good girl" and the head cheerleader Stephanie used to bully her. Erica was originally meant to be Ethan and Jane's babysitter, but she instead goes to a vampire party and is turned into a vampire. Despite the fact that in the movie Erica and Sarah had to fight, they are still close friends in the series. With her new vampire status, Erica looks down on people of her previous social status and treats them much the same way she had been treated before her transformation.

Erica is sarcastic and proud now that she's a vampire, and has caught the attention of multiple boys at Whitechapel High School, notably Benny and Rory, who both appear to have a crush on her. She has kissed Benny and at least come very close to kissing Rory.


  • Her Surname was created by her portrayer.