Benny has been Ethan's louder, goofier best friend since they were both six years old. While he is just as brave and strategically clever as his pal, Benny admits that in his case it only applies to Video games. Benny's dream is to one day make it big as a sorcerer, paranormal expert, and babe magnet. He discovers that he is a spellmaster right before the Dusk III: Unbitten advance screening when his grandma gives him a spellbook and Ethan some daggers. He is similar to Ethan, being geeky and book-smart. He and Ethan understand each other better than anyone else, although Benny is more funny and outspoken than Ethan while Ethan is the more sarcastic one. Benny's dream is to make it big as a sorcerer and paranormal expert. He discovers that he is a spellmaster and can cast spells, although his magic usually goes awry. Benny often tries to lighten the mood when things get too intense. He is girl-crazy and frequently drags Ethan into his schemes, getting them both in trouble. Despite that, Benny is a genuine friend to Ethan and is always ready to go on another adventure.